Starting a journey through South America by bicycle: from Ushuaia to Tijuana

In the southernmost city of Ushuaia, where the wind whispers tales of adventure, our Pan-American journey takes flight in March 2024. As we traverse the jagged landscapes of Argentina, explore the mystic terrains of Bolivia, embrace the poetic beauty of Chile, uncover the ancient wonders of Peru, and dive into the vibrant culture of Ecuador, each pedal stroke becomes a narrative, weaving stories across diverse lands.

Venturing into Colombia, where the rhythm of salsa meets warm hospitality, our wheels keep turning towards Bogotá. Here, amidst the Andean peaks, the first chapter of our Pan-American adventure comes alive—a symphony of cultures and a dance with diversity.

At the heart of this journey lies People from Nowhere, a project dedicated to unveiling the extraordinary stories of individuals worldwide. Through interviews with athletes, workers, and free spirits, we celebrate the human spirit, uncovering inspirations that transcend borders.

As the sun sets over Bogotá, our gaze turns northward, anticipating the next leg of our journey. Join us on this two-wheeled odyssey, where every border crossed is a story embraced. The road ahead, though not strictly the Pan-American, is a tapestry of wanderlust stitching together the narratives of our journey.

And as March unfolds its magic, stay tuned for the second stage of our adventure—from the tropical vibes of Panama to the breezy landscapes of Tijuana, a journey in two acts that defines the essence of our Pan-American pursuit.

People From Nowhere

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